Reading Challenges 2020

A new year puts a refresh button on life. You can start afresh projects or ideas you’ve been meaning to but left them incomplete or on the backburner.

This new year I’ve decided to take up not one but two reading challenges. Books have always been my best friends, a cocoon I can wrap myself in when I want to escape life. However, overtime I’ve realised that I tend to stick to the sci-fi and fantasy genre, especially dystopian fiction and rarely venture out to explore other genres. So for 2020, I want to challenge myself to explore different genres with a definitive attempt towards reading non-fiction authors as well.

After going through the vast horde of book challenges hosted by various bloggers, literary websites, podcasts and publishers I’ve zeroed in on the two challenges that appealed to me the most. The Master List of 2020 Reading Challenges by was really helpful in my search. Without further ado, the challenges are:

*Drumroll please*

The Reading Women Challenge hosted by The Reading Women Podcast


The Read Harder Challenge hosted by Book Riot.


Let me tell you what exactly these challenges are about. The Reading Women Challenge (RWC) as the name suggests requires reading books by female authors while The Read Harder Challenge (RHC) encourages a more diverse reading experience. Both the challenges have 24 prompts (RWC has 2 bonus prompts as well). Although both of them have some overlap in prompts I will be attempting to read different books.

The prompts to both these challenges have not only got me excited but feel practically doable and I cannot wait to dive into the books I’ve picked up for them. My intention in participating is primarily to read books that have been lying on my bookshelf since forever. You can join me as I chronicle my journey here on this blog and on social media (links below). Feel free to send in your recommendations of books you think I should be reading.

Here’s to a year of reading diverse books across genres and ethnicities!


The Master List of Reading Challenges (

The Reading Women Challenge (

The Read Harder Challenge (

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